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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Whoa! Stuff!

Wow! It's been forever since I posted here. It's even been awhile since I posted anything important on Facebook. It's been a super busy summer and is shaping up to be a super busy fall as well. Aidan did Cub Scout summer day camp, he had a camp-in at a Science Museum (they had full run of 4 stories!! Including the shark tank!!), played a day at the beach, spent time in Chattanooga with Mawmaw and Pawpaw, and even got to go visit Papa and Grandma Holly twice before Grandma Holly passed away this month.

In June Aidan was officially diagnosed with ADHD and the doctor started him on Intuniv which is a non-stimulant medication that was adapted from an old blood pressure medication called Tenex. Now that we've got the dosage figured out, Aidan takes 2mg a day in the morning. The difference is amazing. He has a much easier time communicating with us, he has found his volume control instead of being at the top of his lungs most of the time, he has a much better control of his temper, and is finding it much less of a problem to focus on his work at school and at home. It's actually really fun to be around him now that he's staying out of trouble and doesn't get aggressive so easily.

School started back in the middle of August and since then Aidan has only had ONE stick pulled (it's like a check mark on the board, or one time of getting in trouble). It was for talking when he wasn't supposed to, which every kid is going to do at some point. Last year he did that at least once a day it seemed like. His first progress report shows he has 2 A's and a B - the B is in English. He loves Math! He's making friends and doing great at the new school. Friday we got to go on a field trip to see Disney on Ice (how is that educational?) which he was so-so about. Most of it he wasn't interested in but we made it through.

Last night he had a Cub Scout Pack meeting. They gave out all the awards earned over the summer, and I'm pretty sure Aidan earned more than any of the other boys there!!! Here's a list of what he got:

-BB shooting belt loop

-archery belt loop

-hiking belt loop

-kickball belt loop

-art belt loop

-science pin

-one year service pin

-wolf badge (which requires a LOT of work to earn!)

-1 year service pin

-Outdoor Activity Award

-Gold Unit award

Seriously guys, the kid is amazing. Now he'll start working toward his Bear Badge and of course all the other stuff that he can find to get into and earn. Plus he's selling popcorn on top of everything (let me know if you're interested and I'll post the website for you to order or if you're local to me then I can put your order down). We're so proud!!!

Stay tuned, I'm sure there will be even MORE amazing things to brag about on this kid.


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  2. This has made my day. I'm looking forward on reading a lot of articles about the kid. More write up please.

    1. I wish I did post on here more, but time constraints made it difficult. I do post info and updates both about him and about autism and special needs in general over on my facebook page of the same name though, if you're interested.