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Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Nine Weeks! Success!

We've had a few bumps in the road over the past few weeks, but we've successfully navigated the first 9 weeks of school. Today Aidan got his report card both for his general ed class AND for his IEP. Figured you guys would all want to know what's up with him so far!

So for his Annual Goal report based on his IEP, Aidan is making some progress and mastery is anticipated on both goals. Goal one is that Aidan would be able to stay on task for 15 minutes, not interrupt or talk back to teachers --- the report card says that "Aidan is able to stay on task for 15 minutes but has to be reminded to stop talking out of turn. We are working on not interrupting and talking back to the teachers."  He is also working on tying his shoes without prompts, but he's having difficulty with the steps following making the first loop. We're still working on it at home and they're working on it at school, he's just struggling with it. I'm sure we'll have figured it out soon!

On his General Ed report card Aidan did great! HE'S ON A HONOR ROLL!!!!!!!! Congrats to Aidan! He's got a 92 in Reading, an A in Conduct, a 97 in Math, a 92 in English, a 100 in PE, a 100 in Art, and a 100 in Music! I'm super duper proud! 

A couple of weeks ago Aidan also read 8 books in one day so he could get a free pizza. The kid is just too smart!

Oh, AND he got a 100 on his practice spelling test today so he doesn't have to take it tomorrow. But that's usually what he does. He's just that darn smart. So there. :)

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  1. Mamaw and Pawpaw are just darn proud too! We knew he could do it. Keep up the good work, Aidan.