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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Aidan's first semester of 1st Grade

Aidan got AB honor roll last semester! He receives an award for it tomorrow. His weak spots are Reading and English, as well as some obvious behavioral issues.

He also had a STAR reading test, which is skewed by his receptivity to computer based testing of course. His Grade Equivalent for reading is 1.3 (so the first half of first grade), he's right in the average range with students his grade.  His instructional reading level is still at the Pre-Primer level, but he's working on improving.

We also got the Annual Goal Progress report for his IEP. He's got a 2 in both progress and extent on both of his major goals (staying on task without interrupting or talking back, and tying his shoes).

Of course, we're VERY proud!

Other fun things - Aidan gets to earn a free pizza this month if he reads 15 books. He says he's going to read 16, but that we have to go buy more Magic Treehouse books for him. Also, between now and April he has to do his first science project. His will just have to be a poster explaining or showing his project. Hopefully he doesn't get too overwhelmed. I'm thinking weather (duh) will be the topic. I'll leave it up to him.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Weekend

So Aidan spent the night at his old babysitter's this New Years Eve. He stayed up till midnight playing video games and whatnot and then woke up the next morning, and according to him he ate cereal with dairy milk. Not sure which affected him more, the milk or the lack of sleep, or both, but he was whiny with an attitude as New Years Day progressed.

Yesterday we went grocery shopping (at 2 different stores because Aldi is cheaper but doesn't have everything we need). Aidan was getting into lots of trouble and being whiny and having trouble listening at Aldi, so I had him put his hood up (because stupid me, I forgot to pack earmuffs in my purse). When we got to Publix, he didn't act quite as badly as far as attitude but was VERY stimmy. He was humming and singing/babbling nonsense words loudly and hitting himself on the face.

Today he's been better. So hopefully he's caught up on sleep and the dairy is out of his system. I can't wait for school to start back on Thursday so we can have some time apart!